Are you looking for customers who are ready to trade in their used machinery and upgrade to a newer model?

The Used Equipment Trade-In Targeting Tool gives your Used Equipment Managers, Marketing and Sales teams, and Sales Reps a powerful instrument to identify these existing opportunities.

Through continuous communication with your OLGA Opportunities and DBS Tables data, this tool is able to facilitate automatic data refreshes, logic updates, and real-time dashboard updates. The output of the relationship between each of your data sources allows you to gather a snapshot of your trade-in opportunities, and view complete customer lists by model or sales rep. These abilities allow you to locate and filter all potential trade-in candidates within a 20% threshold of the average of all customers’ existing machinery’s Service Meter reading.


Evolved from a hard-coded Excel spreadsheet, a client approached Foundry26 to develop this tool to allow them real-time access to opportunities. Foundry’s data team was able to develop code to isolate the most recent SMU data for every customer’s machinery, which allowed them to create a range based on the median SMU that customers have previously traded-in their used machinery. Based on the customers who landed within this threshold, the client was able to more efficiently predict opportunities, develop targeted campaigns, and identify trade-in targets to supplement their used equipment fleet when certain models were in demand.   


  • Discover customers who are eligible for used equipment trade-in

  • Identify demand for specific models, and then find trade-in targets to supplement fleet.

  • Develop targeted campaigns, increase prospecting, and opportunity prediction

  • Filter based on individual sales rep, division, model, product group, or customer.

  • Work with Foundry26 data team to add customizations