Do You Have The Right Tools?

We approach software development as finding the right tool for the job. Our Clients have specific needs that require specific solutions: either nonexistent or underserved through their current systems. Our process starts with thoughtful exploration before any code is ever written. The result is a purpose-built tool matched with the job at hand.


Our Current Products

  • Tethr

  • Retail Customer App

  • VantagePoint



Tethr is a real-time, video-calling platform that connects experts with users to troubleshoot technical problems. Built for both IOS and Android, the Tethr app offers advanced features like screen annotation and content-sharing in order to accurately diagnose and solve problems faster.



VantagePoint provides fast, easy access to your fleet’s daily jobsite performance data - including idle times, load and haul stats, and crusher performance - and allows you to pinpoint inefficiencies and make changes that increase productivity and profits. Developed as a data visualization and reporting tool, VantagePoint makes it easy to analyze fleet data and better manage equipment based on the performance knowledge and insights it provides.


Dealer Retail App

Our Dealer Retail App was developed to meet the need of dealers in the Caterpillar world who are seeking a better way to serve their retail customers both on the lot and at home. Version 1.0 focuses on simplifying the process of finding important details about machines for sale through an easy to navigate, user-friendly interface, as well as SMS/Texting functionality that provides information immediately without the need of having a representative’s assistance.