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TADA is an intelligent platform that leverages the power of combining your company’s business model, operations and disparate data sources to create your organization’s digital duplicate; a digital model of real-world objects and systems. It is then infused with advanced analytics, machine learning, and integrated with capabilities for monitoring, visualizing, and analyses. This provides end-to-end visibility that generates insights to help you make better decisions, collaborate, respond to changes, and deploy resources and deliver unparalleled customer value. TADA does this all while being ten times the speed and 1/10th the cost of alternative products.

Learn more at https://www.tada.today


Boss Motion Picture Company tells your company’s story. By merging sound and imagery and narrative into an unmistakable brand expression, BMPC is able to upgrade brand recognition, while creating rich, thoughtful commercials, promos, and stories.

Learn more at https://www.bossmpc.com


WebArt is a digital marketing company that builds comprehensive digital marketing programs customized for your business. Through a thorough review process, WebArt analyzes the current state of websites, including functionality, SEO, and short and long term-goals. Using this analysis, WebArt designs and implements improvements that are sure to improve digital tactics and strategies that maintain positive growth.

Learn more at https://www.WebArt.com


Tethr is a real-time, video-calling platform that connects experts with users to troubleshoot technical problems. Offering features such as screen annotation and content-sharing, Tethr allows you, technicians, and entire corporations to accurately diagnose and solve problems faster.

Learn more at https://www.tethrit.com