We Deliver E-Commerce Results

E-commerce has expanded beyond the world of retail to become one of the fastest growing sales channels for B2B companies. While most established businesses have identified e-commerce growth as a key strategic initiative for long-term financial stability, refining a brick and mortar company to double as an online retailer remains a challenge.

Foundry26 has a proven process for increasing online sales in a customer service oriented, B2B atmosphere. We know the pitfalls, and can help you avoid them as you drive organizational change. We monitor current processes, leverage your data, build and execute comprehensive, internal and external plans and deliver results.


Our Services

  • Capability assessment
  • Gap improvement / process enhancement
  • Internal communication / training
  • Strategy development
  • Growth trajectory planning
  • Customer targeting logic
  • Multi-pronged marketing campaign development / management
  • Internal incentive plans
  • Customized reporting tools
  • Market basket analysis (cross-sell, up-sell strategy)