The Foundry26 Call Center offers a diverse spectrum of services to enhance your customer outreach capabilities. Our dealer-trained agents consistently deliver cost effective, high return-on-investment results that accelerate campaign completion time and amplify your business’s reach.


      Customer              Coverage



In addition to growing your customer knowledge and relationships, you will also see increased brand awareness and instant lead routing that can be sent directly to you in a format that fits your needs.

Successful marketing depends on having accurate customer contact information. Our Call Center ensures your records are up-to-date by first performing a comprehensive clean-up of all accounts. During the process, we'll uncover leads, update records, and publicize your current promotions.

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Live Chat Service

With Foundry26 Live Chat, any qualified leads or general inquiries will be routed directly to the appropriate contact at your dealership. This service is simple to set up and delivers powerful tools and reports, which allow you to reach potential sales efficiently and measure effectiveness.

The Foundry26 Call Center offers a user-friendly live chat feature that will instantly elevate your website’s customer experience. With immediate response time, our agents are prepared to answer an array of questions your customers may have, and are equipped to deliver solutions.


      Sales Team            Consulting

Our approach is centered on understanding your needs and current state so we can deliver high-level data analysis to reveal new opportunities, provide strong recommendations you can act on immediately, and gather metrics to help you produce the most powerful and efficient sales approach possible.

With a proven track record of success, Foundry26's sales consultants provide additional support to your internal sales teams. Our structured approach helps design a cost-effective solution and process for all aspects of sales team management while building customer relationships and increasing sales.

We're On Call

Sales opportunity shouldn’t be limited to the hours your outside sales force is able to work in a day. The Foundry26 Call Center offers extended hours to meet the needs of your customers and campaigns.

Hours of Operation

Mon-Thurs 8am-10pm EST | Fri 8am-10pm EST

Sat 5pm-10pm EST | Sun 6pm-10pm EST

We're On Call

  • Weekdays 8am-10pm EST
  • Sat 5pm-10pm EST
  • Sun 6pm-10pm EST

Call Center Services

  • Customer Data Cleanup
  • Uniform Commercial Code Prospecting
  • Lead Qualification and Nurturing
  • Lost Sales Follow-Ups
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys
  • Marketing Campaign Follow-Ups
  • Event Attendance RSVP Collection
  • Customer Support Agreement Renewals
  • Voice of Customer Surveys
  • Service Letter Follow-Ups

Sales Rep Services

  • ISR Consulting
  • Ongoing ISR Coaching
  • Lead Qualification
  • Tableau ISR Dashboard

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