Brent’s former days as a Six Sigma Black Belt have shaped him into the attentive, results-driven, semi-OCD individual that the office has all grown to know and appreciate. Brent, often referred to as “Whitlow”, takes deep pride in his continuously growing Call Center. As the manager, he is constantly trying to make improvements –whether it is making methods more user-friendly and efficient in order to increase the number of online leads or helping his employees grow to be successful within their positions. With previous roles in inside sales, project and sales management, Brent is happiest when he’s surrounded by his Foundry26 team, doing the work he loves and knows best.

When Brent’s not laser-focused on Foundry26’s Call Center and accompanying data analytics, he’s lasering in on his next big buck, fishing for his next wall trophy, and supporting his beloved Duke Blue Devils. If you are looking for someone to be outdoorsy with, Brent’s your guy – just as long you don’t cheer for the North Carolina Tarheels or call him “Brett”.