Bob brings over three decades of valued experience to the Foundry26 data team, where he owns the title of Data Scientist. Not just a data-jockey, he acts as the main liaison between his team and the rest of the Foundry26 staff, overseeing projects and making sure workload is effectively managed to meet the expectations of our clients. We think he’s had plenty of practice prior to starting at Foundry, as he spent the last 10 years raising four children as a single father –talk about overseeing “projects”, communicating, and managing competing demands!

Previously acting as an actuary within the insurance industry, Bob brings experiential knowledge of modeling, management reporting, and working in a dynamic multi-discipline team environment.  He also, most recently, has worked in the fast-paced, client-driven commercial construction world focusing on project management, estimating, and developing and implementing job management database tools. Both his love for data and project management have contributed to Bob’s overall success –building off past successes and knowledge, he “still loves that rush when you are able to, as John Rusking said: ‘…substitute facts for appearances and demonstrations for impressions’.

When he’s not at the office, you can find Bob staying active at home. He enjoys working on landscaping and home improvement projects, going to the gym, spending time with his children, and occasionally helping out in role of “pet grandfather” (you know, so the children can do something fun on the weekend). Now that his kids have moved out of the house, he also hopes to rekindle some favorite outdoor activities –whether it be golf, tennis, hiking, biking or just lying in the grass gazing at the sky. Mix in reading fictional books, playing the piano and cooking new recipes, Bob does it all.

One last fun fact about Bob: he has the same birthday as two of his brothers –all three of them are exactly two years apart. His parents must have been numbers people too!